Know what?

2011-01-02 02:54:33 by Lekonua

Fuck it.


2009-07-17 00:55:26 by Lekonua

Nah, just kidding.

But seriously. A whole year gone by.


But I'm workin' on stuff. Yup. Got some decent, NewGrounds-worthy stuff on the way.

Some time.


Like in the next 10 years.

LOL News.

2008-07-17 15:38:42 by Lekonua

Been almost a year since I did that last news thing.


I'm working on Flash stuff...?

See? These are the characters that'll be in it.

Also, visit our website. Please.


2007-08-12 20:13:19 by Lekonua

I'm Lekonua. Leko for short.

I guess you could say I'm new here...I posted an animation a while back. It was deleted because it sucked, or so I am led to believe. I'll have to agree, it wasn't very good. The sequel came out pretty good, but several glitches prevent me from considering putting it up on NewGrounds...I might upload it eventually, just to see how noticeable said glitches are.

I'm working on another one right now. Several new ones actually...I have a habit of starting several projects at once, only to finish one. Maybe two if it's a short one. I have however, with great difficulty, restricted myself to this one cartoon until I have finished it, and have made great progress. Especially considering I only started it last week and am more than 1/4 finished. (Probably because I've actually been working on it regularly.)

So yeah...

Look forward to it.

Or don't.

By the way, a majority of the humor and/or awesomeness of my animations is lost if you are not familiar with the characters. To remedy this, I suggest visiting the website I made for the comic series these characters come from. Comic Shorts. It was made by my friend (Dragon Master) and I. Mostly Dragon Master.

Comic Shorts Online